We guide you through the foundations of Marketing Psychology from defining your core messages and identifying opportunities, to exploring your customers journey and developing Talk Triggers, while avoiding Walk Triggers. We empower you to build the foundations and open an abundance of opportunities.

We offer the Marketing Psychology training as individual modules which can be delivered as one to one or group training.

Define Your Nine

The Why before the How. Every brand should start with clearly defining their nine core messages which then expands into your brand and highlights your areas of authority.


Walk in Their Shoes

This module takes you through your customers journey identifying the points in which they come into contact with your brand and the experience they have.


Keep Your Eyes on the Butterflies

We identify the areas of competitive analysis which identify opportunities and deliver the greatest returns while giving you the tools you need, to propel your business forward.


Talk & Walk Triggers

By identifying Talk Triggers for your brand you not only break through the chatter but also give your audience a reason to activate the most powerful Marketing tool.


Analyse But Don’t Over Analyse

Defining the analysis which will drive your business forward using simple tools does not need to be complicated but will deliver big results.


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