Meet the Team

On social you will know us as #TotallyTor  #ImaginativeIan  #SwitchedOnSte  #SocialSoph  #Brilliantbeth  #NewcastleNic and  #Lauralikes but here are the faces behind the hashtags.


Marketing Director

She has a natural passion for all things Marketing from strategy through to analysis, she loves it all. Tor is a life long learner & teacher, which is clear to see with her BA & MA in Marketing, and MSc and PHD in progress in Business Psychology.



Web Developer

Our PHP loving, computer geek Steven is an actual genius when it comes to building websites, content management systems and bespoke build systems. He is slightly outnumbered by the ReVIBe ladies and is our go-to guy for everything technical.

F1, Space and Technology
At home
Sim Racing, Gaming and Movies


Head of Social

Sophie heads up the Social team with a background in events and five-star hospitality. She radiates positivity and is loved by everyone who meets her.

in a Hammock
28 Countries


Marketing Executive

Beth has an infectious enthusiasm with unparalleled local knowledge having worked within the food and beverage and hospitality industry for many years. Her customer motivation insight means she can give a great perspective to our creative campaigns.

Long scenic walks
A good Mojito


Social Media Executive

He lives up to his name #ReelRobbie with his ability to whip up a trending reel in an instant. He's first to update the team on emerging trends and is our festival king.

Live Music
Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

At ReVIBe we fully commit when it comes to our clients, we are certainly all in.  Dare we say we take a "deep dive" and immerse ourselves into our client's brands in order to deliver exceptional results. We have built an arsenal of tools which help us connect with our clients' audience from being taught how to cook the perfect steak from expert chefs in London to creating personalised skincare routines with the Ramside Spa team. 

Let's put it this way...we know how comfy the beds are in the new Ramside Treehouses, what temperature and how to cross the finish line first on Camel Derby, but we haven’t yet mastered the perfect golf swing.